Washing wool with the Suint Method…slow wool.

One day I was reading a Spin Off magazine article about cleaning wool fleece. Up to this point I had not had the greatest luck washing my fleece in hot water and detergent, mostly because I couldn’t keep my hands off it and I did a good job of felting a lot of it. In this article I read of a fascinating cold water technique called the “fermented suint” method. The article was very basic, with little to go on as far as step by step instructions.

Take an unwashed fleece, soak it for 2 weeks in rainwater, rinse and repeat.

It worked!



See my Fermented Suint Method page for more on my how to.

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2 Responses to Washing wool with the Suint Method…slow wool.

  1. Jen says:

    Amazing job nature’s own ingredients do ! This ‘wool soak’ must happen as well on the sheep themselves as they are out in the rain.
    Next time I get raw fleece, I’ll be trying this method. Thank you for providing us with your experience.

    • Moz says:

      Yes, it does wash right on the sheep as well. The suint helps clean the dust and grime away without removing the protective aspects of the wool grease, although you would hardly know it after soaking a fleece. 🙂

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