Unspun Icelandic


I’m swatching for my Elizabeth Zimmermann Icelandic Overblouse pattern. This is my first time working with this unspun. The fiber is like a very thin pencil roving, that can drift apart if you’re not a bit vigilant. I’m looking for a 4 spi gauge. Often EZ’s patterns call for using the fiber doubled, which would make me feel more confident.  I love these colors.  The “cakes” of unspun hold possibilities. You can find your own Icelandic “cakes” at Schoolhouse Press.  And her is a wonderful article on the Unspun Icelandic yarn over at Knitters Review.

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6 Responses to Unspun Icelandic

  1. Jen says:

    That is the coolest thing ! I wonder will it be fluffier and warmer (obviously) than spun. More air for the fibers to move freely. I can’t wait to see it !!!!

    • Moz says:

      It is supposed to be fluffier and warmer than normally spun yarns, but a lot of that is due to the Icelandic fiber itself. I do note that it is a double coated animal and both coats are carded together in this “yarn”.

  2. Gill says:

    I have a few cakes I bought in Iceland last year and I hope to get some patterns when I return in a couple of months. I think you would have to use two strands. You have a really nice blog

    • Moz says:

      You can definitely knit with it single strand, so far the Elizabeth Zimmermann patterns I’ve used with it have been double strand designs though 🙂 You will love knitting with it and the faboulous fabric you achieve with the final knit.

  3. Stricktanz says:

    Hi! I just came across this blog entry of yours through a Google search. Very helpful indee, thank you! Actually even just ordered some unspun Icelandic “yarn” from Schoolhouse Press.
    Very exciting!!
    It all started for me after having watched the free Craftsy class “Know Your Wool” by Deborah Robson this weekend. She describes the different kinds of wool and their uses. Really inspired me to go outside the “soft” that I’d been gravitating towards.

    How has your experience been with it by now?

    • Moz says:

      Greetings Agnes,
      Love, love Deb Robson. She has been such an inspiration in the world of wool fibers. My first experience with the Unspun Iclelandic was knitting the Elizabeth’s Zimmerman’s Overblouse from her Knit One Knit All book and loved working with the wool. I used the leftover to make a little hat. I would definitely knit with it again. It’s a joy. The overblouse is very light, a couple ounces at most, but really keeps you warm without the extra weight. You get used to the hairy fiber…although I wouldn’t wear it next to skin. Next time I order from Schoolhouse Press I’ll try a shawl.

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